You have passed by more metal and steel prefabricated buildings than you realize. The stereotypical idea of them is a metal box with a metal roof. The truth is that some pre-fabricated building manufacturers – and Miracle Truss® is one of them – offer designs that let you choose both the roofing and siding material.

Metal is an excellent choice for buildings because of its ability to push back against bad weather, natural disasters, and pest infestations. But the aesthetics aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. It’s why Miracle Truss® offers “Trusses Only” orders. Some clients choose to finish their building with a shingle roof, or even vinyl siding. In that case, a building package featuring our trusses and superstructure is the answer. Both our edge-mounted roof purlins and sidewalls are 24” on center, so they work with any type of material you’d use with traditional construction. Vinyl siding is an excellent exterior wall choice because of design options and ease of maintenance.

Cost and Versatility

Most vinyl siding products cost an average of two times less than clapboard, cedar, or redwood siding. Even the more expensive premium vinyl siding products – which can be mistaken for authentic wood – may end up costing you less than the real thing when you factor in installation cost.

Vinyl siding comes in hundreds of colors, so it’s possible to find one that helps your new Miracle Truss® building look right at home on your property. Vinyl siding also comes in a surprising variety of profiles and textures. It’s no longer that narrow, boring stuff that gets dull after a few years in the sunlight.


Wood siding is durable if you put in the effort to maintain it. Both metal and vinyl are superior in terms of standing up to Mother Nature, and causing you less time spent in upkeep. Vinyl can withstand hail damage, and like metal, it has an impervious surface which resists moisture. There are some vinyl products on the market now that feature a 50-year lifespan. That’s a nice match for the 50-year structural warranty that comes with your Miracle Truss® building.

Vinyl – just like metal – doesn’t need painting. You can treat it just like the standard metal siding we offer with our building packages. It’ll need not much more than a simple annual cleaning to keep it looking great.

Insulation Options

The 24-inch on center design of our buildings makes it easy to insulate a Miracle Truss® building with standard bale products. If you’re looking for even greater protection from outside temperatures, seek out vinyl siding products with integrated insulation. Exterior installation helps heat loss prevention between the studs in exterior walls.

Miracle Truss® building design options give you the best of all possibilities. A wide range of colors for your metal roof and exterior walls give you plenty of choices – but you can extend those choices by opting for other exterior building material like vinyl. Request free building information.

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