The good news is you’ve finally reached the point where your business needs a warehouse. This gives you extra space, but you’ll still want to make sure you use it optimally.

One of the reasons why a growing number of businesses are choosing Miracle Truss® designs is because we offer the ability to go vertical when it comes to storage. The clear span truss construction of our DIY storage building kits does away with the need for flat ceilings and low-hanging rafters. It gives you plenty of options for vertical storage.

Maximizing Space

One popular way to utilize vertical areas in a warehouse is to use cantilever racks. These are especially useful if you’re warehousing dimensional products like lumber or tubing. Cantilever racks create adaptable storage areas that are far more flexible than pallet racks.

It’s mainly because there are no front columns to get in the way of oversized items that might need more than a standard width of other types of racks. Cantilever racks also give you more clearance for long items like pipes or even bolts of sewing material that will need extra horizontal space.

The only downside to cantilever racks is that you may need wider aisles to move items in and out of storage. One advantage of Miracle Truss® buildings is that they have no center support poles that might get in the way of creating wider aisles. These storage systems are created by a variety of special manufacturers, and the parts to make them can also be found at your favorite big box improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes. There are so many options, it’s often best to start with a search on Pinterest to see how other companies have put cantilever racks to use.

Rising to the Challenge of Limited Space

Push back racks are one of the most popular warehouse storage solutions – especially for businesses that are pushing against limited space. Push back racks can offer as much as 90% more product storage space than selective rack systems. The biggest benefit is that they allow pallets to be stored on both sides of an aisle, so you have access to more inventory.

You can get a better idea of how this racking system works by watching this animated video. One thing you’ll notice is that the system allows you to store vertically, which means you can take advantage of the cathedral height dimensions in a Miracle Truss® building. View our gallery of metal and steel industrial and commercial buildings to get a better idea of the height and storage capacity our building designs create.

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