It’s easy to see the advantages of pre-fabricated metal buildings. They’re affordable, low maintenance, and easy to put up yourself. One of the other advantages of a Miracle Truss® building is that the design allows you to easily insulate it with bale insulation, creating comfortable working – or living – space year-round.

The DIY construction also does away with flat ceilings and low hanging rafters to get in your way. This rewards you with more usable interior space and an open feeling while inside the building. That’s usually an obstacle for people who want the extra space – but this unnecessary infrastructure also is where ducting for air conditioning and heating would go. Fear not. Ductless min split air conditioning and heating systems are a perfect solution. Here’s what you need to know.

Skip the Ductwork

Metal ductwork may not be terribly expensive, but it does add up. If you have it installed, the national average – according to the HomeAdvisor website – is from $35 to $55 per linear foot. Rates depend on location.

You’ll need that ductwork if you’re planning to use a heating and cooling solution similar to what’s in your house. The average single-family home requires anywhere from 30 to 90 feet of ductwork.

A More Efficient Alternative

Many people who opt to put up pre-fabricated metal buildings are also deciding to invest in a ductless mini split system to heat and cool this new space. It offers the flexibility of being able to install it anywhere, plus you don’t have to worry about the cost of ductwork.

When adequately insulated these highly efficient environmental control systems provide complete control over comfortable temperature control. The air handler is located inside, and sits up high on a wall.

Intelligent Cooling and Heating

Traditional central heating and cooling systems aren’t necessarily the smartest way to control the temperature. A thermostat determines when the heat or air conditioning needs to be applied, and the air handler kicks in – at full speed. It pumps cold or hot air through the ducts until the thermostat senses the setpoint.

Ductless mini split systems use highly precise variable speed motors in the air handler to control the temperature – so there’s no noticeable swing in the way it feels inside. This vastly increases the efficiency of the outside condenser, which makes a big difference in operating costs.

These systems are also heat pumps, which means that they’ll take care of both your air conditioning and heating needs.

We’ll look at more benefits offered by ductless mini split systems in Part 2. Meanwhile, check out our building galleries for some inspiration offered by Miracle Truss® customers.

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