Miracle Truss Buildings is not your average steel building company.

We are asked daily by our potential clients, just what in fact is the difference that Miracle Truss Buildings offers its clients in the market vs. it’s competitors?  Many things, but we feel the most important are detailed out below.

  • Experience. Our consultants have worked on thousands of projects over the years and we want to help you with your needs.
  • Spacious. Clear span open web steel trusses mean you get an open ceiling (vaulted) – not low hanging rafters.
  • Strength. Pre-engineered for each specific build site – our steel trusses can withstand even the harshest weather.
  • Quality Engineering. From a basic set of drawings to fully stamped certified building plans.
  • Durable. Proudly made in the USA by quality craftsman (not robots) and backed by our 50-Year Frame Warranty.
  • Ease of assembly. DIY design saves you money and makes it easy whether you hire it out or do it yourself.
  • Go Green. American made recycled structural steel and our system works well with alternative / Green building methods such as straw bail, SIPS (structurally insulated panels), and even support solar panels on the roof.

We recommend that you buy your next building kit based on quality and value, not on a cheap price or “got one left” story.  No matter your building need or interest – we are here to help and be a resource for you on your project.

Contact us today.  www.MiracleTruss.com

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