We often find that our customers plan to use our metal building kits to replace an existing structure already on their property. It could be an old storage building or even just a shed. In many cases, it may have been made with traditional construction. That means the old building needs to be demolished and moved out of the way.

What happens to all that stuff? Does it just end up in our landfills?

Use It Again

The proper term is “construction waste,” and these days nearly none of it makes it to your local landfill anymore. Construction companies team up with recyclers as much of what can be reused is removed, and you might be surprised what gets tagged for recycling.

  • Untreated wood can be collected and sold to wood-burning energy plants.
  • Drywall is recycled and transformed into textured wall sprays. It’s also a component of acoustical coatings and sprayable fire barriers.
  • Insulation—especially if its Fiberglas—can be recycled for that same use again, or it can be transformed into acoustical tile ceilings.
  • Concrete can be broken down and used as the base for future areas that need concrete.
  • Asphalt is often simply crushed and used again for new areas needing asphalt covering.

Just about everything can be used again. You can read more about best practices for recycling construction and demolition material by visiting the EPA website.

Future Thinking

Miracle Truss® buildings use recycled steel, and we don’t just pay lip service to our concern for the environment. “Go Green” is a part of our operating philosophy. We strongly believe in offering you sustainable and energy efficient options when you go with a Miracle Truss® design.

For that reason, we make the following practices part of our everyday operations:

  • We use recycled steel, which helps the environment and is a sustainable product
  • Our steel roofing has Energy Star Certification
  • Straw-bale construction works well with our steel framing – order just the trusses from us!
  • The superior strength of our buildings allows for the ability to handle solar panels (when designed for the additional load)
  • All of our buildings are low maintenance

The Go Green Initiative

Along with our employees, we also support an organization called the Go Green Initiative. It’s a global environmental education that trains volunteers and school teachers to education our children on how to conserve natural resources and protect human health through environmental stewardship.

The organization has programs in all 50 states, along with 73 countries around the globe. You can learn more about how the program and how to help us support it here.

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