If you have an account with one of the top social media networks, you’ve probably been bombarded by quizzes. One of the most popular quizzes ever created—supposedly taken by over 20 million people—asked you “What color is your aura?”

That might be interesting to you, but we think knowing what your favorite Miracle Truss® siding color says about your personality might be a bit more practical. Keeping in mind that we offer 23 different colors, we’re going to lump a few related colors together. By the way, the information is courtesy of Psychology Today.

Black, Gray, Charcoal, or Slate

If you’re thinking of using our black or these related colors for the siding on your next building, it communicates that you are sensitive and artistic. You tend to be careful with details and don’t usually go spilling your deepest secrets to people you’ve just met.

Blue, or Regal Blue

If either of these colors is your favorite, you reliable and thoughtful. You’re a fan of harmony and prefer to keep things organized. It’s safe to say that stability is a very important aspect for you. It’s also probably why you were drawn to our 50-year warranty.

Red, Copper Penny, or Brite Red

Look out! You love life to the fullest. You’re determined and tenacious—and likely a big fan of our cathedral ceiling design, which lets you take advantage of lots of vertical space. Enough to put in a loft if you want.

Brown, Clay, or Tan

Flashy objects aren’t something you’re keen about. You prefer a stable life. We suspect the low-maintenance and DIY aspects are what also drew you to the Miracle Truss® brand. You have plenty of friends, and they consider you to be reliable and dependable.


That’s what we call it at Miracle Truss®. It’s in the purple family, and if you like those colors, you’re well known for being artistic and unique. Those are the same qualities that probably attracted you to our approach to building with steel and metal. Our structures are a blank canvas, and you can use an amazing array of building materials to finish both the interior and exterior.


If this is the color you’d go with for the siding on your Miracle Truss® building, it often communicates that you’re loyal and affectionate, but you’ll tell people exactly the truth. What others think is important to you, so you probably spent a bit of time doing research on the advantages our building design have over the competition.

White, Ivory, or Light Stone

If your favorite Miracle Truss® siding color is one of these 3 related hues, it’s safe to say you’re not a fan of clutter at all. You like things logical and organized. We’re pretty certain that’s why you also were impressed by how our steel trusses arrive in 4 easy bolt-together pieces that were test assembled at our factory before they were shipped to you.

We have 17 different colors you can use for roofing, siding, and trim options. That means you can opt for more than one color—just in case we offer more than one of your favorite hues. Use this form to tell us about what you’d like to build. We’ll send you free information.

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