They don’t always come with the house. Unless it’s a master planned community with home designs that require them, a garage is something that an individual homebuilder can decide to live without.

If you buy one of these homes, you’ll have to add the garage yourself. That’s not always such a bad thing. Especially when you consider that you now have the luxury to design the way a garage should work for you – instead of how a cookie-cutter architect decided a garage should work for an entire subdivision of homeowners. Here is one particular idea to help make one of our new DIY prefab garage kits the perfect addition to your property.

Make It a Drive-Through

As in enter on one side and drive out the other – instead of backing out. But you could add an intercom system to the main house if you wanted to place an order to go…as long as your spouse is okay with that.

A drive-through garage makes a lot of sense in many ways. As the Spruce website puts it, imagine if Batman had to back out of the Batcave. You might not have a Batmobile, but you could have a truck and a boat trailer. Imagine being able to drive in to your garage, pulling forward until your boat and trailer was positioned exactly where you want it to be. Then you’d decouple the trailer, open the backside door, and continue to move forward with your truck.

Adding a rolling garage door to more than one wall of a Miracle Truss® design is easy to accomplish because of the attention we pay to helping you put up a structure that’s highly customizable. Our designs feature closer truss spacing and closer edge mounted secondary wall members. This gives you the ability to put garage doors practically wherever you want them to be with our buildings.

Another benefit to a drive-through design is that it allows you to park more vehicles in your garage without the hassle of having to play “musical vehicles” when one of them is blocked in by another. A website specifically devoted to garage plans points out that a growing number of property owners are looking for this type of configuration. Besides the trailer pull-through benefit, the website mentions being able to have more access to restricted areas, increased air circulation, or even easily rolling out the lawnmower without worrying about scratching your vehicles.

Check with your local zoning and permitting board if the idea of a drive-through garage appeals to you. The garage itself might not take up more space, but keep in mind that you’ll need enough space to be able to drive around the building. If you’ve got the space, we can help you with the plans. Contact us for free building information.

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