What does your new Miracle Truss® DIY prefabricated building kit have in common with some of the most famous bridges in the world? They take advantage of a basic form, the triangle. By using this design, high weight and stress is safely held by load-bearing beams and walls, even with extreme outside forces like high wind or the weight of snow are added to the equation.

Trusses have become an integral element of modern architecture and building methods. The shape gives your building more support. It also uses less materials to achieve the same function.

The Strength of Steel

Roof trusses for homes and other types of traditional construction are generally made of wood. When it comes to commercial or industrial construction, steel is the better choice.

While it’s true that lumber is a renewable resource, nothing beats steel in terms of recyclability. It is literally 100 percent reusable, with no degradation in performance or strength. Up to 95 percent of the steel used in vehicles is recycled. If disposed of properly, up to 88 percent of your old washer or dryer can be recycled, as well. Miracle Truss® uses recycled steel for our trusses.

The strength of steel combined with the design of our trusses allow for superior spanning capacities. It’s why steel trusses are often found in sporting arenas and even aircraft hangars. While you might not need a DIY building kit the size of a sports arena, our designs can offer you from 15 feet to more than 125 feet of clear space that needs no column supports that might get in the way.

One of the top reasons why steel is the preferred material for trusses – especially with us – is that the material is uniform. Timber has inherent weaknesses caused by knots in the wood and other natural stresses. Steel trusses are prefabricated and uniform. They will remain the way they are manufactured. The same cannot be said with wood, which will change over time because of temperature, humidity, and other stresses.

One of those “other” stresses can be termites or other wood-boring pest. This can be a serious threat to any building if you’re in an area of the country prone to these problems. Yes, wood can be treated to be resistant to pests, but those solutions use toxic chemicals and are no guarantee.

Another reason why steel is a better choice for a building material is that it’s fire-resistant. It varies by region and company, but you may find that a prefabricated metal and steel building can reduce your insurance policy.

Built to Last

The truss system – even when made of timber – is usually the only engineered and fabricated structural component found in traditional construction. We believe this approach should apply to the entire structure. It makes for a stronger and longer-lasting structure that rewards you with a lifetime of cost savings. It’s one of the reasons why we’re able to offer you a 50-year structural warranty.

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