They’re called ATVs for short, and you’re among a growing number of users if you’ve got one parked in your garage. A recent market study reports that the global market generated $9.2 billion in 2017 and is seeing 8 percent annual growth. Over the past several years, the United States has expanded recreational use on public lands by adding more than 370 miles to 19 national trails in 17 states.

The demand for ATVs is growing because of the increasing trend of sports and adventure sports activities that get people outside. A booming economy has provided the general public with more disposable income, and they’re spending it on ATVs – among other things. All-Terrain Vehicles are also seeing increased use in rural and agricultural areas because of the growing number of add-ons and attachments.

Bring on the Variety

ATVs aren’t just for riding the trails anymore. New owners are just as likely to use them to get things done around the property. ATV manufacturers have noticed this, and they are pushing versatility. website editor Lucas Cooney was recently interviewed by Country Life magazine. When asked about what was happening in the industry, Cooney said, “It used to be that they [manufacturers] would have a handful of ATVs that they would try to make for broad appeal. But now it seems they’re making more and more machines to fill specific niches. You see a lot of sport-focus stuff coming out, really expanding that. But you also see companies building a lot of rural-specific things, like a new diesel side-by-side to appeal to landowners and things of that nature. The idea is that they’ll sell a machine specific to your needs, rather than you making their machine fit your needs.”

Choose Your Attachment

Cooney told Country Life magazine he’s noticed that manufacturers are beefing up the engines they’re putting in some ATV lines. It’s possible now to find an ATV rated at 90-horsepower. While you’ll pay more for these heftier models, Cooney notes that you can also find lesser priced models that are appealing to price-conscious buyers.

The one thing that appeals to both landowners and sports enthusiasts is that today’s ATV can act both as a vehicle and a tractor. “You don’t always need both, anymore,” says Cooney. “A power takeoff kit allows you to add a lawn mower, a log splitter, an ice auger, and things of that nature right to your ATV,” he explains. “You can see de-thatchers and aerators for lawns, wire spoolers for laying out fence line and bringing in fence line at the end of the season. Plenty of plows, some separate manufacturers have a backhoe available.”

You’ll need a dedicated place to store your ATV and all these extra attachments. Running out of room in the garage? We can help. Check out our gallery of Miracle Truss® steel garages and shops built by customers.

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