A concrete floor is the most desirable pairing with your Miracle Truss® DIY pre-fabricated building. If you check out our FAQ page we go a bit more into detail about why it’s best to incorporate the pouring of a concrete slab into putting up the building.

Keep in mind, though, that you can also start with just concrete piers to fasten the truss legs – and pour a concrete slab in the future. Many Miracle Truss® customers choose to go with concrete for more than utilitarian reasons. Concrete gives you an amazing variety of design styles.

DIY Design

The enhancements that can be done to cement are especially attractive to Miracle Truss® customers, who usually also take on the responsibility of putting up our buildings themselves. Most concrete surface treatments can be done without hiring professionals.

That’s a money-saver, and so is the built-in sustainability of using the concrete itself as your flooring. Concrete is also more of a low maintenance option. Properly sealed concrete resists stains of all kinds. You can confidently clean up anything from automotive oil spills to accidents by animals and not worry about seeing any residue.

That level of protection comes with a surprising low cost, too. The majority of concrete stains and finishes will still be several dollars per square foot less than any type of standard flooring material. And, concrete has a much longer lifespan than traditional flooring. At the most, you might have to re-buff or re-apply a sealer to bring that luster back.

Concrete Upgrades

Choose to go with the simple, classic look of basic polished concrete. The natural light gray is a neutral color, and the polish will help to reflect light for ambience. Once polished there’s an amazing array of color options – some of which actually get added to the sealer used.

Previously, most color options for concrete were in the form of acid stains. These were caustic and not so friendly for DIY purposes. They also weren’t very friendly to the environment. These dyes have been replaced by concrete dyes that are much easier to apply. They’re usually mixed with alcohol or acetone, sprayed onto the prepared concrete, and then topped with a water-based sealer that creates a mottled look which accentuates the characteristics of the concrete.

There are extra steps involved, but you can also go for textural upgrades by adding concrete overlays. You’ll be using a polymer resin added to cement, so it’ll bond with your existing cement foundation. This is poured over the concrete slab and molds are used to stamp or impress designs. The result can look just like tile, or even wood.

The Perfect Companion

You’re already going with a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution when you choose a Miracle Truss® building. Transforming the concrete slab it sits on as your actual floor is a way to extend the easy-to-care-for characteristics of your new building. Check out our current specials!

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