You’d think that architects might not find much at all to like about steel buildings. From a design and sense of aesthetics, there just doesn’t seem to be much you can do with them, right?
Wrong. And that’s what’s got architects so excited about metal buildings. You’ve got a winning combination when you combine design flexibility with cost-effectiveness. Architects have discovered that they can use these two elements in a wide variety of combinations to create buildings with many purposes.

What Would You Like It To Be?

Square and ugly. That’s the expectations many people might have of metal buildings. To be truthful, a lot of metal buildings do fit that description. Others, however, do not.

It’s quite possible that your favorite restaurant with glass walls, or the beautiful church with the majestic stone buttresses just down the way might just be beating with the heart of a metal building. Any structure that features a large, open interior can be built with steel and metal. Here’s why.

Take the Miracle Truss® clear span truss—which is at the heart of our designs. The engineering allows for tall and open ceilings with no rafters that get in the way. The extra open space often gives you the unexpected ability to add a loft or even a second story to what might otherwise seem like a single-story structure.

The design allows you to reach heights of 30 feet or more, with spans ranging from 15 feet to an amazing 125+ feet. The trusses support large openings, which are perfect for expanses of glass.

Building Out

Because of the prefabricated nature, architects have discovered that these steel frames are easy to add onto. You might start with a predictable square or rectangular shape, but you don’t have to stay within those boundaries.

Architects also have discovered that they’re not limited to metal panel exteriors. Just about any standard architectural finish can be used. Brick or stone is an excellent alternative when it fits into the budget.

That happens to be one of the biggest reasons why architects have come to support the use of metal and steel in construction. It allows them to provide clients with more building for less money. If you need large space, and you don’t want it to look like a giant metal box, working with the design team at Miracle Truss® will provide you with opportunities you might not have considered possible.

Space is the final frontier. Metal buildings provide it, and architects are loving it!

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