Space. Safety. Cost-effectiveness. They’re what you need when you choose to be in a supply-based business. If you have a lumber supply business, for example, you’ve got to have enough room to stock and move around large pieces of merchandise.

These businesses also usually stock related material like wallboard, roofing materials, and even fencing. The most successful lumber supply businesses offer ancillary services, such as cutting lumber down to required lengths, or even delivery.

How Lumber Supply Businesses Make Their Money

According to consultant Bill Lee, writing for LBM Journal, lumberyard gross margins are among the lowest in the nation. All the more reason to make sure the entire business makes wise decisions about expenses. It’s also the reason why many lumber supply businesses occupy a large area. The more lumber sold, the more profits – even slim – you can achieve. It’s also why lumber supply businesses carry a greater variety of products.

One of the biggest upfront investments for any new lumber supply company is the warehouse where the inventory is stored. It also tends to be the same place where customers come to make purchases. A new lumber supply company can quickly scale and become profitable when its owner makes a wise decision on location based on things like local construction needs, average household income for the area, and other competition in the area. Some lumber supply companies team up with local lumber mills to offer material that can’t be found elsewhere.

All of these capabilities require cost-effective space and dependable protection. Nothing offers this better than a pre-fabricated metal and steel building. It’s often the top choice for lumber supply companies just setting up, as well as for any DIY contractor or professional.

Bigger, Better, Stronger

Steel and metal buildings, especially those we design and manufacture, use simple and strong clear-span trusses. This allows for impressive vertical spaces, but without low-hanging rafters to get in the way. Lumber supply businesses appreciate this because it allows them to feature more of their product by taking advantage of vertical spacing. The trusses that create this impressive interior storage space are delivered in four easy bolt-together pieces that are test assembled at the Miracle Truss® factory. The steel columns bolt directly to concrete. No welding is necessary.

Building designs feature wood studs every 24 inches. This gives you the option to finish off the interior with standard building material. The modular structure also gives you the option to add or make changes to the building in the future. The exterior of our buildings are easy to personalize, too. You don’t have to go with metal. We’ll help you with details when you work with us in putting together a free quote.

Miracle Truss® buildings are the perfect choice if you’re considering opening up a lumber supply business. Use this form to tell us your plans. We’ll send you free building information.

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