Wouldn’t it be great if you could work on your boat during the winter? Even if it’s small enough for trailering, the idea of being outside in the winter weather doesn’t sound like a great way to work on your boat.

There’s an alternative to trying to cram all your boat projects into the warmer weather months. Metal storage buildings offer you the option of year-round indoor protection and access to your boat—as well as other recreational equipment.

Extra TLC

Miracle Truss® buildings are known for their exceptional design flexibility. They can be configured for the size you need, so you’ll have plenty of room for your boat and trailer, as well as additional equipment that’s a necessary part of boat ownership.

The affordability of our steel storage building means you can also expand its size to make room for storage of just about anything that’s better kept indoors during the winter. The metal and steel construction makes for durable protection from even the worst winter storms.

The clear-span construction of the trusses means you won’t have flat ceilings or low-hanging rafters that might interfere with the height of your boat—or even your RV. This gives you much more usable interior space than many types of traditional construction. You’ll be able to put up additional wall storage.

It’ll Look Like Anything…But a Box!

One of the biggest reasons why boat and recreational vehicle owners go with Miracle Truss® building solutions is because the end result looks gorgeous. Your design options give you the ability to match this DIY project to the existing architecture of the buildings on your property. Your new steel storage building won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

You can have roof pitches ranging from 1:12 up to 18:12, with widths from 15 feet all the way to 125 feet or more. Take it as high as 30 feet or higher if you like. Practically everything about your Miracle Truss® building is completely customizable. Doors and windows go where you want them. Go for a bi-fold, accordion, or even a stack style hangar door so you don’t have to worry about maneuvering your boat in and out.

Blend it in with the other buildings on your property by adding overhangs. You can extend these enough to serve as additional covered parking if you like. You also have plenty of other exterior options, including a wide variety of steel exterior colors. Mix and match the trim for extra style.

Head back to warm weather boating next year with the winter’s worth of extra work done on your boat. We’ll help you get started on this project by answering just a few questions and requesting free information from us.

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