Most of us wouldn’t argue that it’s a wise idea to have a security system installed in our home. It protects you family and keeps your possessions safe – not to mention that it offers you a savings on your homeowner’s insurance.

How do you feel about your garage or workshop? A recent report shows that the obvious presence alone of a security system is enough to deter up to 60 percent of would-be burglaries. The statistic is something to keep in mind as you consider the losses at stake. Let’s say you’re a woodworker and use a pre-fabricated steel building on your property as your workshop. A break-in while you’re away could result in the loss of your ability to generate an income, and you would then have to negotiate with your insurance company to have all of your tools replaced. All of them are insured, right?

Alarming Statistics About Property Theft

Did you know that the majority of break-ins that result in the loss of property are committed by burglars who live within two miles of their targets? You may not realize it, but they’re keeping an eye on you and your property – mainly to determine your routine. You can combat this by varying your routine and of course, installing a preventative security system.

Nearly a third of burglars enter through an unlocked door or window. They prefer first floor doors and windows that are concealed behind bushes or trees. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure that your landscaping doesn’t encroach on the building. If it’s a prefab garage or workshop building, keeping a clear boundary between landscaping and the metal exterior also helps you to keep it looking in top shape. It’ll be easily accessible for a quick and occasional wash with nothing more than a bucket of water and some liquid dish detergent.

The most frustrating statistic about burglaries – wither they are to your home or your workshop – is that less than 14 percent of those which get reported result in an arrest. Burglaries are especially difficult crimes to solve. And even if the burglar is caught and brought to justice, you’ll likely not be reunited with your property.

Easy to Secure

Many garages and workshops that are created from DIY building kits are easy to secure. Alarm and security kits today have gone wireless, and most now rely on Wi-Fi to operate. That means you’ll have little in the way of wiring to worry about. Often, it’s simply a matter of installing a camera or motion detector and aiming it.

Our particular designs help with security. The clear span truss design means that there are no low-hanging rafters that get in the way of cameras or motion sensors. Check out our gallery for layout inspirations.

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