There’s actually some good news when it comes to burglaries – the FBI reports that property crime rates have decreased by over 25% since 2006. Even with this drop, there’s still a burglary every 13 seconds in the United States. Police are able to solve only about 13% of them because of lack of witnesses or physical evidence.

Experts say the most effective way to prevent burglaries of any kind is to install a security system. Prices for simple security and alarm systems have decreased dramatically, and yet only about 17% of homeowners have them. Statistics show that homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized. While there are no related statistics for workshop burglaries, it’s logical to assume that a similar high danger of potential break-ins exists. How can you make your workshop safer?

Start with a Security System!

If you don’t yet have it for your home, now’s the time to get it for both home and workshop. Consider the value of your tools. There are three popular types of security systems:

  1. Monitored security: This is facilitated by a company that often doesn’t charge to install the security and monitoring equipment because you will instead pay them a monthly fee to monitor and act if suspicious activity is detected.
  2. Wireless monitoring: This is the fastest growing kind – mainly because the equipment has become inexpensive. You’ll install sensors and monitors in your workshop yourself. If the sensors detect activity, they will notify you via your cell phone. The popularity of these systems lies in their cost. Many are under $100.
  3. Siren notification: Unlike the previous two systems, nobody gets notified except for the burglars and anyone near your workshop. Sensors activate sirens. Loud ones.

Additional Safety Steps

Install bright-white security lights that allow you to see what’s happening at night. Today’s LED lighting systems are perfect for the perimeter of your workshop. Miracle Truss® designs for workshops allow for side roof overhang extensions that make excellent places to install motion-sensor lighting systems. With wall heights of 30 feet or higher, these lights can set up high enough to offer secure illumination.

Inventory your tools and record the serial numbers. Insurance companies may reward you with a discount for this – as well as for installing a security system in your workshop.

Consider a secure tool crib for your most expensive tools. Burglars may not be eying your table saw, but they’re going to go for your high-end portable tools if they gain access to your workshop. Make this difficult by installing metal lockboxes. These can be bolted to our metal building frames, making it even less likely for a burglar to make off with contents.

Miracle Truss ® prefabricated metal and steel shops are strong and maintenance free. The clear span truss design allows for extra vertical space, which is optimal for security system motion sensors. Check out our growing gallery of garages and shops built by Miracle Truss® customers.

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