They might call it a cabana out in California, or a casita in Texas – but no matter what name you attach to it, most people would call it a pool house. If you’re planning a pool, you’ll want one of these, too!

Or, maybe not. The Home Advisor website estimates that currently the average cost to install an inground pool is more than $49,000. If you want to go high end, it can set you back as much as $100,000. After shelling out that much money, there might not be a budget for the pool house. Unless you think outside the box. Why not go with a metal building kit?

Pool House = Playhouse

If you’ve ever wondered how it all got started, we have Hollywood movie stars in the 1930s to thank. They started the trend of putting up small structures just steps from the pool to create a private space nearby where guests could use the restroom, take a shower, or grab some refreshments – without taking a hike all the way up to the main house (which was usually a big mansion).

Movie stars have lots of money, so they tended to have these buildings designed and built to match the architecture of their main residence.

Plenty of Uses

One of the biggest benefits of having a pool house is that it makes the pool itself far more enjoyable. Everything you need to enjoy a day lounging by the pool is now just steps away. Many pool houses have fully operational kitchens – but at the very least, a place to store and keep beverages cold.

These structures usually feature a patio that can double as an outdoor entertainment area. Depending on the size, it also can be a self-contained guest house.

Pool houses aren’t all about luxury. Practicality comes to play for storing the pool and spa equipment out of eyesight. You’ll be able to store everything associated with pool maintenance in your pool house – along with all those giant inflatable pool toys.

Metal and Steel Marine Storage

Many areas around the country will require permits to put up a pool house so that it conforms to local zoning and safety codes. A pool house with plumbing and electricity may be considered as a habitable structure.

One way to sidestep many of these concerns is to work with us to design a Miracle Truss® building for your pool house. The exterior can be finished with shingle roofs, and a variety of different siding such as vinyl or even brick. Your pool house can be as elegant as your main house.

Live it up. Put some movie star style into your life by putting up a Miracle Truss® pool house. Use this form to tell us about your pool house plans, and we’ll send you free information.

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